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QuikNode costs around 1 Ether (ETH) for 30 days. 7-day & discounted 3/6/12-month terms are available!

QuikNodes expire and are deleted after 30 days. You can extend your node inside the UI, add more time by referring a friend, or simply buy another!

Developers can query the node using http or websocket links, and we provide step-by-step guides for MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto and MetaMask setup inside the QuikNode control panel.

Yes, by avoiding queues to public/shared nodes, especially those which form during a crowdsale, your tx has a higher chance of success. QuikNodes are on high-speed Internet connections, always online, and always synced, so your tx is broadcast to the Ethereum network as quickly as possible.

All proceeds will be held in ETH and used to fund the company, expand the team, and develop value for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Check out the r/Ethereum page on Reddit, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Donation ETH address is "0xAD6dE3D17E4F59505517bB4eBf6de594F985606C". Your contributions are much appreciated!

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About The Team

QuikNode is a multinational team with over 40 years combined experience managing datacenters, high-speed networks, and distributed systems.

Our mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure.


July 2017

QuikNode.io debut •

Launch node in 8 locations •

Use with MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto •

ETH MainNet only •

August 2017

• Added referral program

• Added QWallet webapp

• Added Kovan, Ropsten, Morden, Ethereum Classic, Expanse chains

September 2017

Added support for MetaMask RPC •

Added HttpProvider (Web3.js) support •

Added block counter to UI •

Started work on QuikNode Pro

October 2017

• Introduced 3/6/12-month plans

• 300th QuikNode launched

• Over 800 Twitter followers

• Over 160 Facebook Page likes

• Over 100 members on Slack

November 2017

QuikNode video published •

December 2017

• QuikNode sees Kitty mania

• QNode giveaway on Twitter

• Introduced Rebuild Node feature

• Hit 1000 followers on Twitter

January 2018

Released QWallet.io Search

QuikNode Pro enters alpha testing •

Added support for WebSockets

Improved QWallet search time by 400% •

Over 1300 GitHub commits

Upgraded QNodes for performance

February 2018

• QWallet multi-currency & portfolio views

Telegram bot for QWallet shipped

• Sponsored #ETHDenver

• Released Node Logs feature

• Added support for Geth & Rinkeby

• Added extend/renew QuikNode feature

• 1200 Twitter followers

• 229 Slack members

• Over 600 total QNodes launched

Q2 2018

Modify Node feature released •

dApp Tutorial with DappUniversity •

Sponsored #Hackital •

Sponsored #ETHBuenosAires •

Whisper API enabled •

Q3 2018

• QuikNode turns 1 🚀

• Sponsored HackMidwest, EthAtlanta, HackInOut, Pragma Tech Conf., educational video series

• Partnered w/ Loopring, Hydrogen, Elixir

• 3000 Twitter followers

• 500 Slack members

• Over 1000 total QNodes launched

Q4 2018

Launched Parity Archive Node service •

Updated Node UI metrics & stats •

Medium Publicaton launched for developers •

QuikNode.pro achieves >99.999% uptime in 2018 •

Q1/Q2 2019

• Launched #Web3Vibes Newsletter

• Upgraded all Nodes to Constantinople

• Sponsored HexaHive, HackOnHills, HackInTheNorth, and ETHNewYork Hackathons

Build the future!

Expand QuikNode features •

Support additional blockchains •

Add MasterNode & Staking service •

Support developers with credits & sponsorships •

Promote community via education •

... suggest a new feature in Slack! •

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