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QuikNodes expire and are deleted after 30 days. You can extend the life of your node by referring a friend, or simply buy another!

We provide step-by-step guides for MyEtherWallet and MetaMask setup inside the QuikNode control panel.

Yes, by avoiding queues to public/shared nodes, especially those which form during a crowdsale, your tx has a higher chance of success. QuikNodes are on high-speed Internet connections, always online, and always synced, so your tx is broadcast to the Ethereum network as quickly as possible.

QuikNodes have full support for all of the RPC methods besides the wallet functions (for obvious reasons).

All proceeds will be held in ETH, and used to fund the company, expand the team, and develop value for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Check out the r/Ethereum page on Reddit, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Our ETH address is "0xAD6dE3D17E4F59505517bB4eBf6de594F985606C". Your contributions are much appreciated!

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New technologies are fascinating. Ethereum is no exception. In order to enable Ethereum to become what it needs to be, it must be made accessible to everyone… because the future of Ethereum is in the hands of the people.

About The Team

QuikNode is a multinational team with over 40 years combined experience managing datacenters, high-speed networks, and distributed systems.

Our goal is to minimize the technical barrier of participating in a fundamental part of the Ethereum ecosystem, your own Ethereum node.

Future Plans

One-click integration with MEW.

Develop a User Interface for displaying Node data, analytics.

Develop desktop widgets for monitoring node status.

Promote community through education (informative blogs, knowledgebase, tutorials) on Ethereum, Solidity, and supporting blockchain software.

a. Support DApp developers through credits and sponsorships.

Optimize, upgrade QuikNode infrastructure, add features, expand functionality.

a. add support, tools for PoS

b. add load-balancing, for running multiple nodes.

c. update UI throughout.

Release a mobile app

a. GUI for node interaction

b. wallet capabilities

c. tx history

d. cryptocurrency and assets charts.

Help build the future.

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